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Mr. Perfect Customs are the real and the top quality dealers of restyling Katzkin leather with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our expert team is skilled to restyle your Katskin leather car upholstery according to your demand.

Our wide range of Katskin leather upholstery includes restyling of your car interior whether you are looking it for seating such as headrest, armrest or even the door panel pieces. Our expert team can easily restyle your Katskin leather upholstery according to your demand. Once correctly installed by our team, your vehicle will look completely fantastic and your car will have complete factory interior as it would have been when you first bought it.

We are highly proud in upgrading the Katskin upholstery that are not only the top quality for our customers but it also matches with the factory specifications that will completely redesign your car look. If you ever feel that it

Mr. Perfect Customs upholstery provides a high quality headliner with optimum prices and are also easily available for every car model whether it includes Porsches, Range Rovers, Mercedes, Jeeps, Tahoe’s, BMWs or any other. From many years, our team is working hard in offering top quality upholstery services especially headliners replacement in order to satisfy

At Mr. Perfect Customs, we offer remarkable installation of molded carpets owing to our years of experience, catered with full attention paid to every minute detail. If your car is in need of perfectly styled and fitted molded carpet then all you have to do is to bring it to us and get the unique and top quality upholstery installation.

The installation of a molded carpet may seem to be a simple and easy step for you but it is important to mention here that the new installation of a molded carpet needs disassembly and reassembly of the entire interior of vehicle. It also requires trimming and cutting as the new molded carpet you have bought might be over sized or it might require some cutouts needed for seat bolts and some other components.

The molded carpet is used for the interior specific for the automotive. These carpets are created and modeled in accordance with

We would recommend our customers to take a look at every custom car door panels and their details which will ensure our top quality work. We offer custom door panels for every car and model whether you carry classic fords, Volkswagen, Minis, Mercedes or Mustangs. Every car door can be easily customized according to your need and demand.

We have made it easy for our customers to contact us as we not only deliver the custom door panels to your home but also install it at your place. Our expert team can perform its tasks anywhere in Georgia, USA. All you have to do is to contact us and simply make a booking. Moreover, we facilitate our customers by offering urgent bookings too so if you have a faulty door panel that requires restoration or repair, then no need to worry and contact us immediately. We will get back to you as

Is the top of your convertible damaged and beyond repair? Then you need the local professionals at Mr. Perfect Customs to replace or repair it. Mr. Perfect Customs offers high quality services at very competitive prices.

We’ve spent years building this auto customizing business in Mableton, Ga. We have the best prices, the highest quality of customer service, and the best technicians in the area. We have items in stock for most makes and models including Ford, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Chrysler, BMW, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and many others. If you don’t see the top or cover for your car here, contact us to see if we can make it for you! And as always, we’ll beat any shop’s price in Metro Atlanta!

At Mr. Perfect Customs, we have installed hundreds of convertible tops on almost all car models whether they are domestic or foreign. So, if you own a convertible then you have come to

Driving safe can also mean limiting exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays when you and your loved ones are on the road.  Window tints help protect and improve homes, businesses, and vehicles. Our automotive window tint films can reflect more than 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting you, your family, and your investment. Window tints help improve and protect the glass in homes, cars, and commercial businesses.

Temperature control starts with windows in your car

 At Mr. Perfect  Customs, our automotive window tints are proven to reduce the  temperatures in your vehicle by as much as 30° F. Window tint can also help with fuel efficiency because it can reduce interior temperatures in your vehicle meaning that you don’t have to run your air conditioning as often, improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Quality tinting can make a car’s interior more comfortable, preserve your interior, not to mention protect your eyes from the sun and reduce glare. We offer full guarantee of car window tinting at the best possible rates

<span data-story-id=”story_cb6e72922a0cedc3e938b54aae4e60fb” data-timestamp=”1476552854514″ data-text=”Convertible Tops&#10;Headliners&#10;Molded Carpets&#10;Marine Upholstery&#10;Katskin Leather Restyling&#10;Custom Door Panels &#10;Leather Repair&#10;Leather Dye&#10;Custom Bus Conversions&#10;Furniture Upholstery&#10;&#10;Let Mr. Perfect Customs design your next auto interior. we have a wide variety of quality materials to cover every surface in your ride. we are not limited to automobiles. We also provide services for home furniture repair and upholstery” data-userid=”765720281488314368″ data-orgid=”765720282437500928″>Convertible Tops<br>Headliners<br>Molded Carpets<br>Marine Upholstery<br>Katskin Leather Restyling<br>Custom Door Panels <br>Leather Repair<br>Leather Dye<br>Custom Bus Conversions<br>Furniture Upholstery<br><br>Let Mr. Perfect Customs design your next auto interior. we have a wide variety of quality materials to cover every surface in your ride. we ar

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