Car Headliners

Mr. Perfect Customs upholstery provides a high quality headliner with optimum prices and are also easily available for every car model whether it includes Porsches, Range Rovers, Mercedes, Jeeps, Tahoe’s, BMWs or any other. From many years, our team is working hard in offering top quality upholstery services especially headliners replacement in order to satisfy our customers demand. All the work we offer is backed up with warranty such that you can easily get exceptional results and in case if you are not satisfied, you can easily come back to us anytime.

Problems with sagging fabric headliners

Take expert services

The sagging headliners are one of the major reason of stress. It not only looks ugly but is also a major safety concern as it can fall unexpectedly and may obstruct your view while you are driving. Or it can also damage your other passengers. Most often, the headliner of a car starts sagging due to the deterioration happening at its back. Moreover, the delamination of a headliner is also caused by the poor installation or it could be the result of normal wear and tear that has happened from several years.

Whether you are carrying elaborated electrical wiring, overhead console or the sun roof, our highly expert team of auto upholstery carries all the knowledge equipped with years of experience and skill to replace and remove the headliner from your car.

If you think of trying such things at home in order to substitute our expert team with some temporary or cheap solution, it is only going to enhance the risk of headliner board damage or some other important plastic pieces within the process. Amidst all this, you will always tinker with the sagging headliner. But, if you take the services of a highly skilled and experienced team such as Mr. Perfect Customs, you are guaranteed to get long lasting and outstanding results.

Our skilled team removes the headliner carefully and then replace it with the material and color of your choice but of high quality in order to offer you results that are highly good in comparison with the conditions of the factory.

As we always try to work in favor of our customers, we are offering free estimate for the headliners replacement of your car on the phone. Moreover, our larger inventory of top quality material allows our customers to select and get the service on short notice in no time. Our stock carries wide variety of colors allowing our team to create the custom headliners according to the preference of the customer.

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