Convertible Tops

Is the top of your convertible damaged and beyond repair? Then you need the local professionals at Mr. Perfect Customs to replace or repair it. Mr. Perfect Customs offers high quality services at very competitive prices.

We’ve spent years building this auto customizing business in Mableton, Ga. We have the best prices, the highest quality of customer service, and the best technicians in the area. We have items in stock for most makes and models including Ford, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Chrysler, BMW, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and many others. If you don’t see the top or cover for your car here, contact us to see if we can make it for you! And as always, we’ll beat any shop’s price in Metro Atlanta!

At Mr. Perfect Customs, we have installed hundreds of convertible tops on almost all car models whether they are domestic or foreign. So, if you own a convertible then you have come to the right upholstery shop. The installation of convertible tops requires precision and experience. Our expert staff is highly skilled to carry out their job accurately.

Proper frame fitting

Before laying the top, it is always good to have a good foundation. If the frame of car is old and doesn’t carry a good shape than your top will not settle perfectly. Once the frame reaches an old age, it’s always good to restore it. We start the convertible top installation by first adjusting and restoring frame which includes corrosion control, frame components replacement, broken frame welding and painting.

Convertible top skins

After setting the frame, next thing to do is to select the convertible top skin. We offer convertible tops from the top quality manufacturers. During convertible top installation, we never try to stretch it in order to make it fit on your car rather we try to install it perfectly. When these tops are stretched tightly they don’t fit perfectly and can’t be latched easily.

At the Mr. Perfect Customs, we serve our customers by fixing:

  • Separated or ripped convertible tops
  • Sun burned tops
  • Broken or bent convertible top frames
  • Tops that are torn due to vandalism
  • Convertible top motor replacement
  • Convertible top hydraulics

Our team members are experts in the replacements of the convertible tops of most makes and model cars.

Our first step is the complete inspection of convertible top that your car is holding including a thorough check of its hydraulics. The examination is carried out by moving the top in either downward or upward direction and then the frame is checked. After complete inspection, we offer samples of material of convertible top in order to help you select a new one along with the selection of a quote for its replacement.

Give us a call today and secure your appointment to repair your convertible top today.

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