Molded Carpets

At Mr. Perfect Customs, we offer remarkable installation of molded carpets owing to our years of experience, catered with full attention paid to every minute detail. If your car is in need of perfectly styled and fitted molded carpet then all you have to do is to bring it to us and get the unique and top quality upholstery installation.

The installation of a molded carpet may seem to be a simple and easy step for you but it is important to mention here that the new installation of a molded carpet needs disassembly and reassembly of the entire interior of vehicle. It also requires trimming and cutting as the new molded carpet you have bought might be over sized or it might require some cutouts needed for seat bolts and some other components.

The molded carpet is used for the interior specific for the automotive. These carpets are created and modeled in accordance with the car. With help of heat and vacuum, the carpet is molded in such a way

that it conforms to the contours and shape of the vehicle flooring. After cutting with respect to the floor, the molded carpet is allowed to sit and then cooled down inside a mold in order to attain the specific shape. A nicely molded carpet will easily sit on the car floor without any loose fitting or other pockets.

Mr. Perfect Customs are the top quality installers of molded car carpets as they only use high quality carpets. Along with the top quality they offer, they also carry wide range of qualities and colors so you can select the one according to your motor vehicle. The carpets come up in two pieces including back and front with the helmet for the driver side.

Every molded carpet is different from one another as they are designed by keeping in mind the shape of the car. This is how their shape and size varies with every model of the car. Our molded carpets work best with every car as they carry unique and top quality features:

  • Padding – it is included where the padding was original
  • It exceeds or meets the specifications of OEM
  • It is easily molded to fit the shape of every floor pan for which it is designed
  • Heeling pad is applied accurately and in the same way as mentioned in OEM
  • Some optional items are also included such as door planets, kick panels and wheel wells
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