Mr Perfect Customs will is the right upholstery shop to drop off your prized possession to get that convertible top repaired or replaced. We can bring that vehicle back to oem standards with a factory replacement convertible top, or replace it with an high quality aftermarket top installed with precision and care from our reliable experts. We offer a wide variety of materials to restore that convertible to its original glory.
Not only will we replace that convertible top but we will also repair and replace the rest of those components that gives your convertible life. We will replace the motors, hydraulic pumps, tension cables, header bows, drip and drain rails or anything else that causes your convertible top to operate correctly. We are good at what we do this is why we have clients from all over Georgia.
On some occasions we are able to repair your existing convertible top. That annoying small tear in your top might be able to be repaired with precision if you can get it to us in time. Do not wait until its too late or you will be forced to replace the top. As soon as you identify you have a problem with your convertible the sooner you should bring it in to have it accessed and repaired.

If a convertible top repair is not an option, then the next option will be replacing the top. Our experts here at Mr. Perfect Customs are here to assist you in choosing your material for your convertible top to fit your needs. We can also install your top on most makes and models of autos. Both foreign and domestic. Our upholsters are experienced and very knowledgeable in all areas of auto upholstery including convertible tops. So don’t cheat yourself with subpar products and service. Come see us today and have your convertible assessed for damages and a quote.

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