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Driving safe can also mean limiting exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays when you and your loved ones are on the road. Window tints help protect and improve homes, businesses, and vehicles. Our automotive window tint films can reflect more than 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting you, your family, and your investment. Window tints help improve and protect the glass in homes, cars, and commercial businesses.

Temperature control starts with windows in your car

At Mr. Perfect Customs, our automotive window tints are proven to reduce the temperatures in your vehicle by as much as 30° F. Window tint can also help with fuel efficiency because it can reduce interior temperatures in your vehicle meaning that you don’t have to run your air conditioning as often, improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Quality tinting can make a car’s interior more comfortable, preserve your interior, not to mention protect your eyes from the sun and reduce glare. We offer full guarantee of car window tinting at the best possible rates possible.
Protect your privacy from prying eyes.

Our window tints are available in a variety of shades, from clear to dark charcoal, you can choose a look that not only rejects heat, but can also help protect your privacy and your valuables from prying eyes. Along with sleek styling, window tint adds privacy and helps protect passengers from sun damage and car interiors against fading and cracking.

Why to take our window tinting service?

Most common installations taken place at our site includes multilayered film which helps in vehicle protection from sun damage. Along with its protection from sun damage, it also carries some other benefits:

Fade Reduction

By utilizing our window tinting services, you will be able to block harmful UV rays at the level of 99%. It will result in reduction of carpets and seats fading as it helps in enhancing the wood, leather or rubber life which is placed inside the vehicle.

Heat reduction

When compared with the untreated windows, car window tint helps up to 60% reduction of heat as it cools the car more quickly.

Reduce driver fatigue & glare

The window tint film helps in reduction of strong and harmful glare of the sun, reflective surface and other headlights. It actually makes driving safe.

Enhances security & safety

The window tint helps in strengthening the broken glass and so, it imparts safety and feasibility to the vehicle.

Darker environment

As the window car tint makes inside of the car darker and cooler, it offers a great atmosphere for the in car DVD player view.

Enhances look

Most of the company’s owners opt for the car window tint in order to make their vehicle stylish so that they can stand differently in the crowd.

Strengthening of window

By the addition of a firm and strong film over the window, the safety of the window is increased twice. This thin film allows better bonding and keeps the glass in place in case of an accident or a sudden break.

Window Tinting FAQ's

A special film is applied within the glass which is opposite to the ordinary films. Our special film is strongly bonded to window glass and is completely resistant to the delamination or flaking.

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